While you enjoy your time away,
so will your pet!

Choosing resort-style lodging or boarding for cats and kittens while you're away is important. After all, our finicky and furry family members aren’t known for their go-with-the-flow, leave-me-any-old-place attitudes. But don’t worry, the 500 square foot cat sanctuary is quite impressive even to the pickiest of cats and the most fickle felines.



We understand that most cats won't choose to socialize with dogs, so they get their own special hotel area. Their room is on a separate ventilation system than the rest of the resort, so the cats can't smell the dogs and the dogs can't smell the cats. The room is soundproof so the cats won't be disturbed by the barking of a rowdy dog either.


Each family of cats will have time out of their condo to have free reign of the Cat Sanctuary, getting plenty of exercise. There are wide window ledges for lounging in the sun and a rocking chair for lap time with a guardian. There is even a bird and squirrel feeder right outside their window, providing a little wildlife entertainment.

No need to pack meals, cats are provided with Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Diet, either canned or dry.


Vaccination Requirements for Cats:
• 1 or 3 year Rabies
• FVRCP – Feline Distemper
• Feline Leukemia




Cat Condo $ 19

• 5' x 3' Condo
• Comfy Blanket
• Private Litter Box



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