Don't leave them home alone.
Let your pet play for the day

Woof! Nobody likes to be bored and least of all dogs! Because of your busy schedule, you may be concerned about leaving your pet alone for prolonged periods. It can be tough on both your pet and your carpet. The Comfy K9 offers a doggy daycare program that ensures your pooch plays to their heart’s content, receives lots of attention, activity and socialization. And we’ve got more than enough doggy daycare fun to go around for big dogs and little dogs alike.



While the dogs are in daycare, they are constantly supervised by our own pet guardians, specially trained in dog behaviors and posturing, to ensure all dogs get along. Dogs are grouped by size, age and temperament, and enjoy approximately 3000 square feet of our open, airy and temperature controlled, indoor doggy daycare pet park. We’ve created an indoor dog park that’s a dream come true for those who like to wrestle, romp and sniff. Of course, the entire area is sanitized each day after doggy daycare playtimes for a safe and healthy environment.


The guardians provide 6 hours of supervised play time, beneficial to your dog's mental and physical well-being, having fun with many of their furry friends. They receive an hour break time and a healthy treat in the middle of the day.


Visitors are welcome to drop by and watch dog daycare the fun unfold. No reservations are required for drop-in daycare. We will always have a spot for your pup to come play with all their friends. Dogs must be spayed or neutered after 6 months old to be in the play groups with other dogs.

Vaccination Requirements for Dogs:
• 1 or 3 year Rabies
• 1 or 3 year Distemper / Parvo
• 6 month Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

• Canine Influenza



6 hours of supervised play with other dogs


Each day, per dog


$ 24

10 day package


$ 190

Monthly unlimited


$ 325

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