While you enjoy your time away,
so will your pet!

At The Comfy K9, we understand that there are times when you travel and can't take your pet along, but you need to be confident your pet is safe, happy and well cared for. Our luxury dog boarding lodge accommodations are designed to set your mind at ease. Whether your pet will board with us for an overnight stay or an extended vacation, we’re certain their time at the resort will be no less enjoyable than a walk in the park!



Uncomfortable with the idea of a dog kennel? With chain-link fences and bare, hard floors? So are we and we think you’ll find our approach head (and tails) above the competition. Our resort-style dog boarding luxury rooms are made of glass block so lots of light gets in yet dogs aren’t face-to-face with their neighbors which can add undue stress.


Each luxury dog boarding room includes an elevated pet bed, comfy blanket, a half hour of supervised doggy daycare exercise in the morning and in the evening and can be scheduled alone, with other dogs or with family dogs. Suite Rooms – with private TVs playing Animal Planet -- come with an additional 20 minutes of exercise per day.


Have a dog who likes to play a lot? A whole lot? Up to six hours of supervised play with other dogs can be added to any dog boarding room for just an additional $15 per day per dog so they can wrestle, chase and socialize the time away.


Dog boarding/lodging rooms can be opened to one another for multiple dogs and families with several dogs receive an additional 25% discount on boarding and lodging accommodations when they share a room.


Safety comes first. And there’s always someone on site, even overnight, to make sure everyone stays happy and healthy. All employees are trained as to how to handle emergencies and the building is protected by smoke detectors and a full-building sprinkler system.


When your dog checks in for lodging, we give them a thorough nose to tail exam looking for coat, skin or other physical conditions that may require attention during their stay and make sure the transition is stress-free. Before they know it they’ll be making new friends, relaxing in their bed, enjoying a nighttime snack and dreaming of doggy delights.


In the past we have charged $3 per day to feed a dog his normal food. But no more! As of August 1st, we will now feed pre-portioned meals for free as a service to our clients. We checked with vets and animal experts and it's their recommendation as well that it’s best to keep pets to their normal routine — including what food they eat! They feel more at ease & it avoids any tummy distress. We will no longer serve Comfy K9's dog food but will have food for sale in the lobby for customers who prefer not to bring their dog's food from home. We hope this will help our guests feel more at home.


Nutrition and Medications
We can handle any type of medications EXCEPT for injectables and we are not equipped to care for pets that are diabetic.


Vaccination Requirements for Dogs:
• 1 or 3 year Rabies
• 1 or 3 year Distemper / Parvo
• 6 month Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

• Canine Influenza




The Comfy Pup (best value) $ 55

• Suite Room
• Elevated Pet Bed
• Child's Bed w/ comfy mattress
• Animal Planet playing on TV
• 6 hours of supervised play with other dogs
• Bath before going home


Suite Room $ 45

• Suite Room
• Elevated Pet Bed
• Child's Bed w/ comfy mattress
• Animal Planet playing on TV


Small Suite $ 42

• 6' x 5'


Large Room $ 39

• 9' x 5'


Medium Room - 70lb weight limit $ 32

• 6' x 4'



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