Every dog is different, so we tailor
our training program to your pet.

When you have a well-behaved dog, their life is safer, happier and better for you too! We believe most dogs are great students and have the potential to be stellar family members. A professional trainer can do wonders in finding the training and reinforcement style that best suits you and your pet.

Want to teach your dog some new tricks? Or could some basic obedience training go along way? Whatever your goal --  from training your pooch to stop jumping on strangers, to the ever-basic sit, stay and come, to heeling while walking on leash – we’ll help you customize a training plan that will have Fido behaving like a gentleman in no time.  

Dogs are just like people and learn in a variety of ways. We’ll help you and your pet get on the fast track to obedience and respect which we promise will make your years together more enjoyable.
We offer a wide range of training options, each developed and lead by our certified trainer, DeAwna Bailey. Each dog is an individual and responds differently to commands. We’ll create an personal training program to your dog's specific needs. One-on-one training time allows for attention to specific behaviors.

While puppies are eager students, old dogs love to learn and please as well. It’s never to late to turn a bad habit into an acceptable behavior. A lifetime of training keeps your pet stimulated, improves their life and provides a great way for the two of you to connect.

Food treats and verbal praise are our main approaches toward training, along with leash work and an obedience collar. Dogs are intrinsically happy animals and we build on that enthusiasm and love for life every chance we get.


Group classes offer a social and controlled environment. We want our graduates to be able to stay focused on their leader even when a distraction presents itself. Classes are an hour each week lasting from 4 to 8 weeks. Each training team will be given an outline of curriculum.





$ 77/hr

$ 67/hr
Play & Train (during daycare sessions) $ 360

• 5 consecutive days of daycare
• 1 hour of one on one training for 5 days
• 2 follow up sessions with the owner


Stay & Learn (during lodging visit) $ 40/hr

• Fee is added onto a minimum of a
  3 day lodging stay
• 2 follow up sessions with the owner.






Obedience Class Level 1 –

Puppy Class


$ 105

Obedience Class Level 2 –

Beginners Class


$ 110

Obedience Class Level 3 –

Canine Good Citizen Prep Class


$ 75

Obedience Class Level 4 –

Canine Good Citizen Class

$ 115


"After going through puppy classes at another place we were so happy to find the Comfy K9 and DeAwna. We learned more from her in one class than we had in eight sessions elsewhere. We thought she was great at listening to the issues we were having as well as problem solving. Our dog responded quickly to her training and in a very short time we saw marked improvement. DeAwna's training classes were a great way for us to get to know and enjoy our puppy. Sometimes the winter months get long and cold and it's difficult to get outside. Chica got a lot of exercise at class and was able to meet new friends as well. We highly recommend DeAwna's and deeply appreciate her professionalism and commitment to both us and our dog."

- Cyndi and James VandeHoef

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