Give your pet the treatment
at The Comfy K9 Spa.


Pamper your pet with a full service groom, a bath and brush or a de-shedding treatment. Let us laund-ur-mutt  and have ‘em smelling like new in no time. We’ll shampoo and condition their coats –using the grooming industry’s finest products – and clean up even the dirtiest dogs and cats.


The professional spa service comes with nail trimming, ear cleaning and anal glands – it does not come with a teeth brushing – that is an added amenity for $15.

We groom all breeds of dogs and cats, those with fur and those with hair. Have a lab? Bring him in. You say she’s a terrier? Terrific. Persian if you please? Perfect! And we’ll work with you to ensure their style is exactly what you were hoping for.
Got knots? We also provide full-body shave downs for cats and dogs when the best option is to start from scratch. From a good bath, to a haircut, to a full nose-to-tail grooming, our loving staff will make your cat or dog look like a million bucks.
All grooming bath tubs are equipped with a HydroSurge system that automatically combines the water with shampoo or conditioner. This makes bathing much shorter and less stressful on the pet and provides a soothing water massage. After their bath, the pet is placed in a drying area on an elevated grate so the air completely circulates around them, shortening the drying time. We use dryers that do not have heating elements, and circulate only room temperature air, so pets will not over heat. The grooming tables have a hydraulic system to raise and lower them, making it easier to get large dogs on and off the tables.

Grooming services are available 7 days a week for your convenience and are a great complement to a lodging stay or a day at daycare.




• Nail Trim

• Teeth Brushing

• Ear Cleaning

• Anal Glands
$ 15

$ 15

$ 15

$ 15


Call for pricing on all bath and brush, grooming and de-shedding treatments.

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