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Rusty Thornton, The Comfy K9’s General Manager is a Colorado native who studied business management and accounting at LSU Shreveport and began working with dogs in 1998. Rusty is most interested in canine personalities and feels there’s a great deal to be learned -- like unconditional love -- from man’s best friend. His goals for The Comfy K9 include creating a benchmark environment for safety and trust for its clients, a positive work environment for the staff and as partner and champion for dog rescues and shelters. Rusty’s favorite breed is the American Bulldog, especially his beloved (and always on-site) Rufus.
DeAwna-Bailey DeAwna Bailey, dog trainer and behaviorist, has been a key member at the Comfy K9 since 2010 but began her work with animals at a veterinary hospital when she was just 16. Although she started as a kennel tech, her dedication and interest quickly propelled her to vet tech where she helped with everything the full service facility offered. Always a lover of animals – and a student of canine behavior – DeAwna enjoys being a positive part of pet ownership and loves best seeing a lesson or skill click inside a dog’s mind. She also enjoys showing owners how simple and rewarding – with a lot of positive reinforcement and just a touch of correction -- it is to create a better relationship with their dogs. Her skills include basic obedience, behavior modification, canine Good Citizen certification, socialization and troubleshooting.
Hi! I'm Dillon Tobias. I grew up with golden retrievers and have always loved the companionship that dogs offer. I have rescued two dogs, Lucy, a bloodhound, and Bear, a mastiff mix. These dogs have changed my outlook on life and have inspired me to not only work with dogs but have given me the inspiration to train them too. I love the rewarding feeling of rehabilitating and training all kinds of dogs and look forward to my future working hand-and-paw with man's best friend.

April Welch has been lovingly grooming dogs for over six years, most of those here at the Comfy K9. She enjoys her time with the four-legged companions very much and finds her time with them very enriching. She has lived in Colorado since age five and loves everything that the state has to offer. She has a five-year old cocker spaniel who loves to go hiking with her and a 13-year old flame point Himalayan cat who loves to cuddle up on the couch. Animals have always been an important part of her life and she loves that she gets the opportunity to care for all of our furry clients either by lending a compassionate hand or making them feel fresh with a groom or a bath!






Isis Isis Lynn, originally from Arizona but a Colorado resident for the past decade, is a Comfy K9 groomer and after completing school joined the pet resort staff. Isis has always loved cats and dogs and likes most seeing the before-and-after furry makeovers she creates each day. It’s her goal to make every pet she grooms look and feel their best and enjoys the challenge of working with such a variety of breeds, all of which require a distinctive knowledge and touch. She truly enjoys spending time with the animals and developing relationships with them over time.




Whittney Kauahikaua was recently promoted to Boarding Area Supervisor, Whitney is originally from California.  She has always had a long time passion for animals. She's worked at a variety of boarding facilities and shelters. She joined the Comfy K9 team in October. She owns a rescue Dogo Argentino named bones.

Kimberly Meeneghan was born and raised in Fort Collins, CO. She is a proud mother of a two year old daughter named Kyra and a five year old Pit Bull Mix named Deno. She enjoys working hands on with animals and has a true unconditional love for them. She graduated from Front Range Community College as a Veterinary Assistant in 2013. She loves working with the dogs and cats here at The Comfy K9. She believes one will never work a day in their life as long as you love what you do.


Nathan Wallace is 29 years old and was born in Brighton and has lived in Colorado his entire life. He loves all animals and really enjoys working with them. He has been with the Comfy K9 since May 2013. Nathan grew up with two Scottish Terriers, and are his favorite breed along with Golden Retrievers. He have 2 cats named Smokey and Bandit that are 5 years old. He also lives with a mini Dachshund and a Rottweiler Shepherd mix that he shares with his girlfriend.

Darrel Earle lives in Thornton with his wife, Marie and their three dogs:  Nana, a 12 year old Border Collie; Murphy,  a 3-year old Deaf Cattle Dog, and; Rencee, 1.5 year old Border Collie.
Darrel collects vintage Frisbees ® and Canine Discs, a side effect of his passion of competing in the dog sport of Canine Disc.  Darrel is the Vice-President of the Colorado Disc Dogs, AKA, the Frisbee ® Dogs.  Along with his wife they are strong competitors in the sport and have had memorable success with their dogs. As our part-time weekends and Holidays Daycare Pet Guardian, it is a guarantee that all of our guests have been tested for Disc Drive while under Darrel’s watch.  Darrel has been with the facility since 2004 and is Pet CPR certified.








Marie Earle has been with the facility since 2004, as a part-time Daycare Pet Guardian on weekends and Holidays.  Marie’s favorite part about daycare is learning the different breeds, studying their communication and behavior. Along with her husband Darrel, she is able to list off a bucket list of dogs she enjoys: Mastiffs, Great Danes and Greyhounds by fostering for the local Rescue units. 

In her free time Marie is involved with the training, judging and competing in the dog sport Canine Disc, AKA, Frisbee® Dog. Marie lives in Thornton with her husband Darrel and their three dogs:  Nana, a 12 year old Border Collie; Murphy, a 3-year old Deaf Cattle Dog, and; Rencee, 1.5 year old Border Collie.

Marie and Nana are a retired registered Delta Society Pet Partner team.   Marie and Murphy recently performed at the Purina Ralston Incredible Dog Challenge. Marie is Pet CPR certified.


Nicole DiManna has always had an unconditional love for animals, never discriminating against breed or species. At home she has a Rottweiler named Bruno and an American Pit Bull Terrier mix named Belle. Being a native Coloradan, she enjoys going for hikes with her friends and their dogs. She has been training in equestrian show jumping and dressage since she was six years old. As a young girl she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian but instead took Animal Behavior courses in college to expand her knowledge and help owners further connect and understand their furry best friends. Eventually she plans to open her own no-kill shelter and couldn't be happier going to work every day knowing she gets to do what she loves the more than anything... making tails wag!


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